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For many women and men today, the secret to aging gracefully is a facelift. In Corpus Christi, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Max Gouverne offers customized facelift procedures that correct lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity and produce results that are natural-looking but transformative. Today's facelift techniques can take years off without compromising the character of your face.

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The Consultation

Your initial consultation with Dr. Gouverne is a private, unrushed session that provides you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your surgical options. Dr. Gouverne reviews your medical history and examines your face, evaluating factors including skin quality and progression of aging. Depending on his evaluation, he may recommend alternative or additional procedures, such as eyelid surgery. If you're younger than 40, there may be skin procedures that will work for your specific concerns.

Facelift Patient Showcase

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To Dr. Gouverne, the consultation is an important opportunity to ensure you're fully informed of the details of facelift surgery and to determine whether the procedure fits your needs and lifestyle. He gives you his undivided attention and as much time as you need, and encourages you to be open and honest about your goals and expectations.

Facelift surgery is a highly customized procedure that can be tailored to suit the needs of a variety of patients.

The Procedure

Facelift surgery is a highly customized procedure that can be tailored to suit the needs of a variety of patients. Most facelift procedures begin with an incision in the hairline near the temple, extending in front of the ear, around the earlobe, and into the scalp. This incision heals discreetly and is concealed by your natural hair growth.

Once Dr. Gouverne makes the incision, he repositions the patient's underlying muscle and tissue, restoring it to a more youthful-looking placement. Sagging skin is redraped, and any excess is cut away, creating a smooth, firm contour. Dr. Gouverne takes care to ensure that the results of each facelift surgery address the patient's areas of concern without looking unnatural or conspicuous.

Facelifts by Dr. Gouverne are performed as outpatient procedures, and patients are able to return home after a brief period of rest and observation.

The Recovery

Each facelift patient receives a detailed outline of what to expect postoperatively. Although facelift surgery is not significantly painful, some discomfort is normal and easily managed with prescribed medications.

Swelling and bruising are also normal and can persist for 2 weeks or more. Although you may feel well enough to return to work and other activities, Dr. Gouverne stresses the importance of rest to allow your body plenty of time to heal. Good sun protection habits are crucial to prevent excess scarring and maintain skin quality. Learn more about how to care for yourself after your facelift with our postoperative guide."

While experiences vary, most patients notice a markedly improved appearance by the 2-week mark. The results of facelift surgery can be prolonged by taking care of your skin and maintaining a steady weight. Although facelift surgery does not halt the aging process completely, it does postpone it. If a facelift is performed before age 50, some signs of aging, such as sagging skin under the chin, may never develop, depending on individual factors. Dr. Gouverne's meticulous surgical techniques help him provide results that are long-lasting and natural-looking. To see some of Dr. Gouverne's results for yourself, check out our facelift showcase patient.

Financing Options

We offer a variety of financing options to help every patient achieve his or her aesthetic goals.

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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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Dr. Max Gouverne

Dr. Max Gouverne is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Corpus Christi with more than 20 years of practical experience. Paired with his approachable personality, his advanced knowledge and employment of leading-edge techniques ensure your utmost safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

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