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Choosing a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

At Max Gouverne Cosmetic Surgery in Corpus Christi, we're committed to your good results and long-term well-being — even if you don't choose us. The decision to undergo plastic surgery is a personal one that shouldn't be made lightly. Use this page as a guide when researching and consulting with different area surgeons.

Dr. Gouverne understands the importance of shopping around for your perfect plastic surgeon in Corpus Christi. Take the time to review his credentials and before-and-after photos. When you're ready, request a consultation using our handy online form, or give the office a call at (361) 993-2222.

What are the first criteria you should look for?

Dr. Gouverne believes that there are 3 main qualifications in every good plastic surgeon:

  • Certification by The American Board of Plastic Surgery means that your surgeon has had the proper training and has passed several difficult exams.
  • Membership in The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is another important fact you should check for.
  • Membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons® is also desirable.

The requirements for membership in The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) are designed to encourage application by trained and experienced plastic surgeons who concentrate their practices in performing cosmetic plastic surgery of the face and the entire body. ASAPS membership remains an exclusive privilege for those surgeons who possess the necessary qualifications. Only about a quarter of all American Board of Plastic Surgery-certified surgeons have been accepted into The ASAPS. Physicians who have been trained in specialties other than plastic surgery are not eligible for membership.

Dr. Gouverne has been listed with "Best Doctors in America" multiple times. This honor is bestowed on specialists deemed outstanding by other doctors. Learn more about this honor.

Should I look for before-and-after pictures?

Yes! Plastic surgeons love to "show off" what they can do on their websites. It's no secret that they will select their best work for before-and-after photos. You should be impressed by these. If you see marginal results or no pictures at all, it should raise a red flag! Don't accept any excuses for this. Check multiple sites and compare the work. You can also ask for more photos during a consultation.

What should I watch out for?

In Texas, anyone call him or herself a "plastic surgeon." Any state licensed medical professional can advertise him or herself as a "cosmetic surgeon." Obstetricians, family practitioners, dermatologists, and even dentists may legally perform cosmetic surgery in their offices.

These practitioners may use a number of different or fancy-sounding organizations to impress credentials on the unsuspecting public. Watch out for phrases such as "cosmetic surgery board," "facial cosmetic surgery board," or "oculoplastic board." None of these are official boards that a hospital would accept, and neither should you!

How should I choose a plastic surgeon?

Cosmetic surgery is a very personal decision and one that requires significant consideration and investigation. Although Dr. Gouverne is among the more experienced plastic surgeons in Corpus Christi, we strongly encourage you to do your homework when choosing your own. With that in mind, we'd like to give some tips on finding a qualified surgeon.

Gather Names

When selecting your plastic surgeon, develop a list of good candidates. Where do you find them? Some sources are better than others.


If you know somebody who's had a procedure similar to the one you're considering, talk to him or her! But don't make a decision based exclusively on one friend's experience. Keep in mind that every patient is unique, as is every surgery. Your results might be quite different from your friend's.


Your primary care physician or family doctor may be able to recommend a plastic surgeon. Ask your doctor how many patients he or she has referred to this surgeon. Ultimately, ask them if he'd refer someone in his family to this surgeon.


If you know an operating room nurse, or know someone who knows one, you can probably get a well-informed opinion on plastic surgeons with whom he or she has worked.


Call a respected community hospital and ask for the names of the board-certified plastic surgeons on staff. Be sure to ask for the names of doctors who have privileges to do the particular procedure you're considering. Keep in mind some plastic surgeons, including Dr. Gouverne, have operating rooms within their offices. Two hospitals in the Corpus Christi area are:

Special Directories

You can find the names of board-certified plastic surgeons, listed by city and state, in 2 reference books at most public libraries. They are titled "The Directory of Medical Specialists" and "The Compendium of Certified Medical Specialists." Or you can call 1-800-776-2378.


Once you've compiled your list of surgeons for your plastic surgery procedure in Corpus Christi, we recommend you start checking their credentials. Although good credentials can't guarantee you a good outcome, they can significantly increase your odds. You can obtain a surgeon's credentials from the directories mentioned above, hospitals, professional societies, and the surgeon's office.

More important than where your surgeon went to school is the type of training he or she has received. It's a fact: Any licensed M.D. can legally perform cosmetic plastic surgery. As a matter of fact, there are many physicians practicing plastic surgery who have received their formal training in another specialty. Look for certification by The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), or call 1-800-776-CERT. This credential assures you the doctor has completed the following:

  • His or her medical degree
  • At least 3 years of approved surgical training
  • An accredited 2- or 3-year residency program in plastic surgery
  • At least 2 years in plastic surgery practice
  • Comprehensive written and oral exams in plastic surgery


Once you've narrowed your list down to 2 or 3 potential surgeons, we encourage you to visit them for an initial consultation. This will give you the best opportunity to compare the doctors' personalities, their opinions on the procedure you're interested in, their fees, and their responses to your questions. You are making a lifelong investment in yourself, and you should feel comfortable with everyone who will be involved in your surgery.

Keep in mind that most consultations are not free, and the fee is usually not refunded if you choose not to proceed with surgery. We strongly encourage you to ask as many questions as you like, regardless of how trivial you think they are. You might even consider writing your questions on paper and bringing them to your consultation.

Below, you can find some general things to look for during your consultation.

  • The doctor should answer all your questions thoroughly, in a manner you can understand.
  • The doctor should inquire about your motivation and expectations, discuss them with you, and give you the opportunity to respond to his or her recommendations.
  • If appropriate, the doctor should offer alternatives and not pressure you into unnecessary procedures.
  • The doctor should welcome any unanswered questions about qualification, experience, fees, and payment policies.
  • The doctor should not only disclose the risks of the procedure, but also the possible variation of the outcome. If the surgeon makes before-and-after pictures available, or offers computer imaging, he or she should make it clear your individual results may vary.
  • The doctor should make the final decision yours.

Make Your Choice

If you received your surgeon's name from a credible source, checked out his or her credentials, are satisfied with the initial consultation, and have realistic expectations, chances are very likely you'll be satisfied with the outcome of your procedure.

Why We Think You Should Choose Us

We perform all cosmetic procedures in our own dedicated surgical center, and we've devoted the majority of our efforts to cosmetic surgery. We provide our own full anesthesia and recovery support. We feel this ensures the security, privacy, and confidentiality you might prefer when choosing to have a procedure performed. We are the Coastal Bend's largest cosmetic surgery practice, and our size rivals some of Dallas and Houston's best plastic surgery practices.

We offer only qualified and certified plastic surgeons. Although there are more than a dozen plastic surgeons listed in the Corpus Christi Yellow Pages, only 3 are certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and are members of the prestigious American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

In addition, we run a very successful financing program that can help meet your own individual situation. Whether you choose to utilize your local bank or 1 of our 3 different loan options with low interest rates, we make sure that cost never stands in the way of helping you look and feel your best.

After you have checked all references and completed your consultation, we are confident that you will choose our practice for your cosmetic surgery needs. We look forward to welcoming you to our family of patients.

Are you ready to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gouverne? Request a consultation using our online form, or call our office today at .

Financing Options

We offer a variety of financing options to help every patient achieve his or her aesthetic goals.

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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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Dr. Max Gouverne is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Corpus Christi with more than 20 years of practical experience. Paired with his approachable personality, his advanced knowledge and employment of leading-edge techniques ensure your utmost safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

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