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Dr. Gouverne’s Top Five©Reasons Why You Should Not Have A Muscle Repair With Your Tummy Tuck


The re-tightening of the myo-fascial envelope during an abdominoplasty is the one maneuver that will prolong your recovery beyond the usual 10 days. The repair is usually under significant tension and can be more painful. We reserve this move for only specific indications. below are my top five reasons not to tighten your muscles with your abdominoplasty.
1. The most common reason is that you are in great shape with excellent muscle strength and the only problem is the excess skin that you grew during your childbearing years. Adding the muscle repair will delay your recovery, add more pain, prolong your return to the gym, and add nothing to the aesthetics of your abdominoplasty. The outdated routine muscle repair is not indicated.

2. The second most common reason is that there is too much fat inside your abdomen. If your belly sticks out because you have too much fat next to your kidneys and pancreas a muscle repair is not indicated. It can place too much tension on your internal organs with disastrous results. Quite a few patients can still have the tummy tuck without the muscle work as they can be significantly helped with the removal of a big skin-fat apron hanging from the anterior abdomen.

3. You may still be too large for surgery. If you have failed multiple diets and fitness programs you may benefit from a weight reduction operation (bypass or sleeve surgery). Your plastic surgery will need to be postponed until you are a better risk.

4. Your body may have a natural forward abdominal contour. This is common in people with a natural lordosis of the spine and a forward tilt of the pelvis. If you are shaped with a full boody and a roundish anterior tummy, the tightening operation will not help you.

5. You have already had an abdominal repair in place (Hernia with Mesh) further repair is not needed and a routine tummy tuck can be enormously restorative as it will remove the obvious evidence got the previous operations.

The routine muscle retightening during abdominoplasties has fallen out if favor for a more selective approach. Only a minority of the nations require this. Fortunately the majority of tummy-tuck patients are now spared from this painful operation and can now recover to a high functioning state in 10-20 days

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