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Dr. Gouverne’s Top Five©Reasons Why You Should Have A Muscle Repair With Your Tummy Tuck


The re-tightening of the myo-fascial envelope during an abdominoplasty is the one maneuver that will prolong your recovery beyond the usual 10 days. The repair is usually under significant tension and can be more painful. We reserve this move for only specific indications. Below are my top five reasons to tighten your muscles with your abdominoplasty.

1. The most common reason is for the repair of midline hernias. This usually happens after some previous surgical intervention. Hernias are common after laparoscopic surgery and after gastric bypass operations

2. After significant stretching in childbirth. In a small woman with a narrow pelvis the fascial envelope is massively stretched after childbirth. The belly sticks out even after complete weightless and maximum core strengthening. This is the petite woman that carried her baby very high and way forward.

3. Loss of core strength after weight loss. Here the abdomen is very floppy, but with muscle tightening the belly is significantly flatter.

4. Upon discovery of significant midline muscle separation during your surgery. Frequently the surgeon is presented with significant separation of the rectus muscle that was unsuspected during the pre-op evaluations. Here a repair is indicated.

5.Upon the presentation of diastasis-rectii an occasional congenital or post part condition with wide separation of the lower rectus muscles.

The routine muscle retightening during abdominoplasties has fallen out if favor for a more selective approach. Only a minority of the nations require this. Fortunately the majority of tummy-tuck patients are now spared from this painful operation and can now recover to a high functioning state in 10-20 days

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