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Dr. Gouverne’s Top Five© Reasons You Should Lose Weight Before Your Body Contouring Surgery

One of the biggest issues for body contouring surgery (tummy-tuck, liposuction, body-lift, BBL etc.) is the issue of excess body weight. Should you be more fit prior to your surgery or can you have your surgery at this point? Below are my top five reasons for dropping weight first.

1. You are now at your heaviest in your life, you are still gaining weight, and you have failed various weight-loss programs. This is the most common reason we reject patients for surgery now. There is excellent evidence that surgical candidates in this predicament will not do well. They have higher complication rates and many will be even larger one year from now. This group is best helped with surgical weight-loss programs first and a fitness regiment to follow. The weight-loss will be dramatic and the subsequent plastic surgery is rewarding and extremely restorative.

2. You may be losing weight but you are still too big for a good result. Congratulations, your efforts are paying off, but the timing may just be off for you. You may still be too high a risk. More time and weight-loss will significantly reduce your surgical risk and dramatically improve your end results. Perhaps the risks will be more acceptable next year (next season?)

3. You are above ideal bodyweight but not very much. Your surgery can be done at this point. You should try to drop a few more pounds while you wait for your surgery date next month. The worse thing you can do is to ignore your diet and fitness (“I’m gonna get it removed anyway”) Plastic surgeons are always frustrated from getting truly superior results from the short-sighted plan.

4. You are above ideal body weight and you desire to have a full contouring in a single setting. Time constraints may prohibit you from a safer multiple sessions program. If you desire a large and longer single stage operation, you are required to be in better shape than a multi staged plan. You my be asked to drop your weight more before you are an acceptable risk.

5. In body contouring surgery truly superior results are always in concert with general fitness. Every pound lost prior to your surgery helps, and coupled with more post-op improvement in fitness will result in the most dramatic transformations. The majority of our surgical cases fall in this category. No, you do not need to be maximally fit prior to your surgery but if you desire a maximal result becoming more healthy is highly desirable.

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