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Dr. Gouverne’s Top Five© Reasons You Don’t Need To Lose (anymore) Weight Before Your Body Contouring Surgery


One of the biggest issues for body contouring surgery (tummy-tuck, liposuction, body-lift, BBL etc.) is the issue of excess body weight. Should you be more fit prior to your surgery or can you have your surgery at this point? Below are my top five reasons for dropping weight after your surgery.

1. You have been successful with your fitness program and you are about 10-15 pounds away from your goal. Usually the excess skin is a big issue now and your contour is frustratingly failing to improve. Surgery at this point is highly successful and one year from now most patients will have reached their goal weight.

2. You have been partially successful in dropping the extra pounds but your goal weight is not a realistic plan for you and your lifestyle. Surgery at this point is also a great plan. It can be enormously restorative and it can improve your figure fabulously. You may not have reached the ideal weight but at this somewhat higher BMI your figure still looks quite attractive. This is a common scenario for our patients in middle age. Obviously the end goals for a fifty year old may be very different from a twenty year old.

3. You are a surgical weight loss patient and you have reached your stable post weight, still short of your goal. Surgery at this point is an excellent option. Here the removal of excess skin folds will significantly decrease body bulk and you will drop many sizes down.

4. You were told that surgery was too risky at your weight but you have been able to drop enough that the risks are now acceptable. You can now schedule your surgery.

5. You are already at or near your target weight. People with normal BMIs should not force a below normal weight. You will be nutritionally depleted and you will not heal properly.

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