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Have You Been Thinking About Trying Wrinkle Fillers But Not Sure Where To Start Or If You’re Ready?


Dr. Gouverne offers a variety of fillers in his office including Restylane, Juvederm and now Perlane. During your private consultation Dr. Gouverne will evaluate your concerns and goals and recommend the best products for your needs. You don’t have to know all about fillers to get a great result – you’re in good hands!

RESTYLANE: Is a synthetic filler made up of hyaluronic acid and used to plump and define lips. Restylane can also be used to fill lines around the mouth to give an overall rejuvenated appearance. Results are immediate and have little to no downtime mild bruising and swelling may occur. Results can last anywhere between 6-9 months.

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JUVEDERM: Similar to Restylane, Juvederm is an injectable gel also made up of hyaluronic acid that is used to fill lips and lines around the nose and mouth. There is little to no down time and results are immediate. Mild bruising and swelling may occur and results last 6-9 months.

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PERLANE: Perlane adds volume to flattened areas, severe lines and deep folds around the mouth and nose. Perlane is thicker than Restylane but from the same family as Restylane. Mild bruising and swelling may occur and results can last around 6-9 months.

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Dr. Max Gouverne

Dr. Max Gouverne is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Corpus Christi with more than 20 years of practical experience. Paired with his approachable personality, his advanced knowledge and employment of leading-edge techniques ensure your utmost safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

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