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Who can benefit?

1) The patient with the most severe sun damage due to prolonged sun exposure i.e. bronzing of the skin, actinic keratosis (waxy brown patches on the skin, also known as age-spots), leather like criss-cross skin wrinkling (as seen on a farmer’s neck), severe smoker’s lines around the lip (perioral rhitids). These patients’s will be treated with the heaviest of peels requiring 12 days of healing time.
2) Medium/heavy prolonged sun damage exhibited by irregular pigmentation, criss-cross rhitids and relaxational facial skin in the neck. These peels heal within approximately 10 days.
3) Patient’s with fine rhitids around the eyes, cheek and neck, and irregular pigmentation of patient’s not ready for a face-lift, but showing significant facial aging due to sun damage.

How long does it take to heal?

Significant results dictate significant healing time, even though these treatments are less severe than laser or Phenol peels with fewer side affects and without a need for general anesthesia, significant time for healing is still required. Light peels will heal within five days, but heavy peels require sometimes 12 days to heal. After your skin has healed you are allowed to start wearing your make-up and you will be able to hide the early redness. Again, to obtain significant result, significant time for healing should be allowed. If you are unwilling or unable to dedicate this time, you will not be able to treat the significant aging changes in your face and/or neck.

Click here to see the recovery phase- (not for the meek)

How long do these results last?

According to Dr. Hetter this is one of the greatest advantages of the VCP procedure. The significant sun damage to your skin will be removed and will last for many years afterwards.Click here to see 7, 13, and 33 month postops

Can I receive a VCP in conjunction with other procedures?

Yes. VCP is commonly performed in conjunction with other procedures such as brow lift or even procedures on different body areas.

Can I get a VCP procedure and return to work within a week?

Probably not. Although, this is depending on the type of work you perform. Typically, light to medium peels require 5-10 days of healing prior to replacing your make-up that allows you to return back to work. However, you are not ill or sick from this procedure. This allows professionals to work behind the scenes, catch up on paperwork and administrative tasks, consult with your business contacts over the telephone, but you should not expect to function in public within the first week.

I am planning a facelift in the next three months; can I have the VCP procedure at the same time?

VCP can only be performed on the areas that are not lifted such as the forehead, the nose, and the area around the mouth, but your cheeks and neck cannot be treated at the same time as your facelift.

I had a facelift one year ago, but the lower part of my neck and anterior chest area show a lot of sun damage. Can VCP help me?

Yes. Unlike Phenol peels and lasers, the neck area as well as the anterior chest area can be treated without having to undergo a second general anesthetic.

Can all skin types be treated with the VCP procedure?

There is little to no experience with deeply pigmented skin types, but a great amount of experience with people with light skin types and moderately pigmented skin types.

Does Dr. Gouverne have any experience with the VCP procedure?

Yes. Over the last 10 years Dr. Gouverne has treated numerous patients for skin resurfacing with laser, as well as chemical peel and trichlorocetic acid peels. Dr. Gouverne agrees with Dr. Hetter that a significant advance has been made with this new procedure.



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