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Not Quite Ready For A Lift? Dr. Gouverne’s Top Five© Reasons You May Not Need A Lift With Your Augmentation


Adding the breast lift to a breast augmentation is a significant step both financial and aesthetic. The lift will add new lines on your breast that can detract. There are a number of reasons you may want to avoid the lift added to the augmentation.

1.) The breast are really not that droopy at all. Several second opinion consultations revealed that the droopiness was only minor. The increase in breast size will pick up the breast to some degree. Frequently, if a fuller augmentation is desired a minor droop is corrected.

2.) Pseudo-ptosis. In this clinical setting the breast looks empty and droopy but the nipple is still perfectly anterior on the breast mount. Augmentation is a perfectly good solution. You can avoid the added cost, recovery and skin marks from the lift.

3.) Borderline droopiness. Obviously the degree of sag is on a continuum from not needed to borderline to clearly indicated. In this setting the patient may elect to accept a minor degree of postoperative sag and postpone the breast lift for several years. The lift is added at a later date when the patient feels that the sag is bothering her too much. This is an excellent option for the younger patient that wants to avoid the visual signs of the lift.

4.) History of poor scarring. If your have poor healing in other areas of your body you may want to avoid the lift. Some droopiness is better than fulminant keloid disease. Part of your sexuality is tied to the aesthetics of your breast. In that case a droopy breast in its natural state is better than one marred with poor scarring.

5.) Economic considerations. The pexy-augmentation is an expensive option. Lifts may have to be re-tightened especially if you choose a very large implant. Re-operations require more financial resources. For some, delaying this surgical option for another day when you may be in a stronger financial position is the correct path.

Should you avoid doing a lift at the time of your augmentation? Our team will help you make the correct choice during your consultation.



I had a breast Aug about a month ago with Dr. Gouverne did a wonderful job, and I avoided having to have a lift. Dr. Gouverne and this staff are all great. He also has a wonderful bedside manner. I will be going to Dr. Gouverne for any further cosmetic needs I have.

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When Should I Get A Lift With My Breast Augmentation? Top 5 Reasons

Please email our office or call (361) 993-2222 to schedule your consultation and we would be happy to help you with this most-important decision.

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