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When Should I Get A Lift With My Breast Augmentation? Dr. Gouverne’s Top Five© Reasons


This represents a top issue in many mommy makeovers, frequently the breast have lost a lot of volume and have are now very droopy. An augmentation can help with some droopiness but only up to a point. Adding the lift will result in a full breast with a pretty rejuvenated look and frequently minimal skin lines from the incisions.

1.) Breasts are quite empty and has fallen over the skin-fold below. An augmentation alone would result in a new breast mount with your native breast tumbling off the end of the implant. The pexy-augmentation will avoid this look and frequently the aesthetic are fabulously better than the pre-op state.

2.) After significant weight loss the breast can lose all its aesthetics. Implants alone will not correct the loosened breast envelope and a lift can reshape the empty breast into a fuller rejuvenated shape.

3.)Pexy-augmentation is a great tool to deal with asymmetry. Unevenness is a very common issue in this subset of candidates. The pexy technique allows for correction of significant asymmetry. (Remember that truly perfect symmetry never occurs in humans)

4.)Breasts may be congenitally misshapen. Pexy-augmentation is a great tool in the correction of breast constriction, lower pole shortening, and a number of other syndromes. If your breast developed this way the lift technique will place the nipple back on the apex of your breast.

5.) Normal aging may have made your breast too droopy. A lift augmentation may be the best trick to regain just the right amount of “girlish charm” desired.

What is the best option for you? We’ll be able to answer most of your questions at your consultation.

Not Quite Ready For A Lift? Top Five Reasons You May Not Need A Lift With Your Augmentation

Please email our office or call (361) 993-2222 to schedule your consultation and we would be happy to help you with this most-important decision.


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