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Is A Saline Filled Implant Right For Me? Dr. Gouverne’s Top Five© Reasons

Saline implants have been used in breast augmentation surgery for decades and can be a very effective tool in the right setting. Over one fifth of the implants used in the US are saline filled, For several years all augmentations were saline, most were successful with high patient satisfaction ratings.
1.) Saline breast augmentation is a more economic choice. The cost of the implants is lower so it offers an excellent alternative to gel implants if cost is a top priority. You may still have a very pretty enhancement with only a minor degree of artificiality.

2.) Saline implants can last for decades. Unlike gel implants saline filled implants do not have to be replaced on a set schedule. As long as the implants remain filled they can safely remain in place. It is not unusual for plastic surgeons to see a patient with 30 year old implants still intact. (on average they last about 15 years)

3.) The ruptured implant is super easy to deal with. Diagnosis is completely obvious to the naked eye and no testing is required. Saline will harmlessly pass through your body and your kidneys will eliminate the fluid.

4.) Saline implants are not very difficult to replace. When the implants fail new implants can be placed with only a local anesthetic (provided there was no hardening prior to the event) Many implant manufacturers provide you with new implants for free.

5.) Saline implants are aesthetically just as good as gel implants in a subset of candidates. These implants are a better choice in candidates with an excellent soft tissue cover desiring only a small augmentation.

Which choice is best for you? With so many factors in play you’ll need to meet with your surgical team and we’ll guide you to the best decision for you during your consultation.

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Please email our office or call (361) 993-2222 to schedule your consultation and we would be happy to help you with this most-important decision.

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