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How Do I Know If A Gel Implant Is The Best Choice For My Breast Augmentation? Dr. Gouverne’s Top Five© Reasons

Even though gel implants are somewhat more expensive than saline they offer some great advantages. Gel implants are the best aesthetic choice for four out of five patients.

1.) Superior implant in thin patients. Almost 80% of the patients choose gel in the US. The surgery is more often performed in low weight patients as they would feel the need for breast volume restoration. Thin patients are more susceptible to the disadvantages of water filled implants like( wrinkling, rippling, and implant palpability.)

2.)Excellent evidence that gels do not cause autoimmune disease. A huge prospective study seems to substantiate that the autoimmune disease rate is not elevated in breast augmentation patients.

3.) Gels are the best choice for large implants. The implants perform better in the larger sizes, which is a huge improvement for tall women and for patients desiring a more showy result.

4.) Gels are now offered with a superior warrantee. Johnson and Johnson (yes, the baby powder folks) has merged with Mentor Corp. and is the financial giant behind this warrantee. Part of this warrantee is coverage for implant replacement and capsule removal for the first ten years.

5.) Gel implants typically feel like a real breast. In the right setting these implants feel like the real thing and is the best choice for those women where ” natural-feel” is the highest priority.

Should you use a gel implant? With so many variables in play, you’ll need out team to guide you in your choice. After your consultation you will know what will work best for you.

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Please email our office or call (361) 993-2222 to schedule your consultation and we would be happy to help you with this most-important decision.

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