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Textured Breast Implants and Lymphoma of the Breast

I have previously reported on the relationship of ALCL  (Lymphoma of the breast) and textured breast implants.
To Review: 
  • 350 cases have been now been identified in the entire world.
  • Considering that about 10 million breast implants are used each year  for decades now. The rate of lymphoma related to implants is incredibly low
New research and reports at various meetings are giving some more insight on this problem:
  • It seems that  the Lymphoma occurs in textured Biocel implants particularly the ones from a single manufacturer.
  • The implants made by the Inamed an Allergan company (Based in Ireland) are the most  likely culprit (They were formally known as McGhan Breast implants).
  • Biocell texturing is the manufacturing process of crystals and abrasion to create the texture creates some of the same biological responses that cause the Lymphoma
I have not used Allergan’s Inamed Biocell implants in my practice for decades (we use the Mentor Brand that does not have the Biocel texturing)
  • Mentor is a US based company (our implants are made in a Dallas TX facility)
  • Mentor was recently purchased by the Johnson and Johnson Co. (the largest healthcare product manufacture based in the US)
What should you do?
  • If you are one of my patients check if, in fact, you have a Mentor Smooth-walled implant by checking your little card that came with your paperwork. Regular follow-up is all that’s needed
  • If you have lost your card please call our office and we can look this up for you (We retained almost 25 years of implant information)
  • We will do a large review of our records to identify any implants at risk (I anticipate none- to a very low number)
  • If you are not my patient and have a textured biocell implant by Inamed please contact your surgeon 
  • If you want an independent opinion you can schedule an appointment for a consultation.
If your implant card is from Inamed (McGhan) and it has the following Style number (Style 363, 163, 110, 115,120,or 153) then your implant has a Biocell cover you should give us a call. 

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