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Size does matter!

Breast augmentation-Finding your ideal size

One of the most frequent questions asked during a consultation is about your new size. Some request just a small increase others want more dramatic changes.

Does implant size matter?

Yes! Sizes can range from small~150cc (a small orange size) to medium ~300cc (grapefruit size) to large ~500cc (a small cantaloupe). These implants change your bra size from a little to quite a bit.

Does it matter how much breast I have to start out with?

Yes! A large implant behind a small breast may have the same impact as a small implant behind a large breast.

Does it matter how tall I am?

Yes! A small implant on a tall woman will make very little impact, but a large implant on a short person may look huge.

Does my weight matter?

Yes! A larger person should have much bigger implants to show a change in size than a thinner person. We use our largest implants on our heaviest patients for the nicest aesthetic result.

Are there some other parameters that you use?

Yes! As a general rule we suggest that you don’t select a size that you can’t dress down. The change should be small enough that you can still fit into your dress size without having to alter your entire wardrobe. Yet, it should be large enough that you’ll look spectacular in that black dress or your new bathing suit.

Thanks, but now I’m completely confused. What do I do now?

It is our job to help you with your choice. You will find the consultation very helpful. We have over a hundred pre and postop pictures to show you. Usually, we can find some that have the same body build as you. This will help tremendously in finding the perfect size for you.

My friend recently had this surgery and left the decision to her doctor. She was very unhappy because she was huge after her surgery. How do I avoid this?

During your consultation we will come to an agreement of what the perfect size should be. That “perfect size” is what you want it to be. Our sizing method is an excellent predictor of final size and correlates well with your preop conception of final size and shape.

My friend was told to pick a larger size than she wanted. The doctor told her that everybody comes back later wanting a larger size. Should I follow this advice?

No! This must be some male fantasy common to surgeons. You can predict your final size with our preop testing method. When it comes to size, unhappy patients are a thing of the past!

This young woman 5’6”,119# used a moderate size (375cc)implant and she changed from a 34A to a 34C.



This patient is very tall and slender at 5’7” and 125# She used a large implant (660cc), and changed her bra size from 34B to 34D.



This person is also very tall and slender at 5’7” and 125# but she used a moderate size implant (375cc), and changed her bra size from 34B to 34c.



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