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Pain Control after Breast Augmentation

You may have heard from a friend how painful her breast augmentation was. We still see patients with stories of 6 week recoveries, and weeks of pain-pills.This was often complicated with pronounced episodes of nausea and vomiting.

Luckily, this is now a thing of the past. We have developed an excellent protocol so your post surgical pain is quickly controlled.


1.) Even before your procedure we encourage you to be well rested and well hydrated. Fatigued and dehydrated patients can have a lot of trouble with prolonged recoveries.

2.) Prior to your arrival you’ll take a medication that decreases your body’s sensitivity to becoming nauseated.

3.) We try to keep your surgical time limited and your body will have less exposure to the drugs that can cause nausea.

4.) During your operation we use a long acting local anesthetic in both your incision site and in your surgical dissection planes. This is called a field block. This will get you through the first 4-6 hours.

5.) We can place a prolonged local anesthetic delivery system to keep you nearly pain free for the next three days. We can use a catheter delivery system or a special long acting drug.

Does it work? Just read the testimonial below.



I had a breast augmentation done in January and Dr. Gouverne and his staff are excellent! I would recommend him to anyone looking for fantastic work and great care! The environment is clean the staff are awesome! I would recommend the pain pump if anyone has that option it really helped with the after pain, it kept it to a minimum! I am extremely satisfied with the size I chose and how they look, they are exactly what I envisioned! Dr gouverne will give you options and suggestions on what size he feels would look best but ultimately its your choice! The office has a great computer system that gives you picture images of what you might look like with a certain size implant and it makes the process very helpful in deciding! I would give them 5 stars and would recommend anyone wanting a dedicated, professional, knowledgeable and friendly doctor to call and schedule a consult with Dr. Gouverne!


View on – Mar 3, 2015 at 00:00 PT

On April 8 th I had a breast augmentation. I chose to receive a Marcaine pain pump to be inserted into my breast tissue postoperative. It was the best decision I ever made. First of all I want to thank Dr. Max Gouverne and his staff for giving me a great surgical experience. My breast augmentation has given me a great new self confidence. I was a very active gymnast throughout my life and had a very small muscular chest because of this. I also gave birth to three amazing boys and lost a lot of breast volume due to breast-feeding. Thank you Dr. Max Gouverne you have given me the breast I only dreamed of having.
The main reason I wanted to share my breast augmentation experience is due to my pain pump experience. I chose post operatively to have the Marcaine pump inserted at the top of my breasts to help with pain control. The pump is a small round container filled with the Marcaine medication which is then placed in a small pouch that you can carry with a shoulder strap. The tubes that were inserted were never in the way. When I woke up from surgery I felt minimal pain only a tightness of the chest. My first three days after surgery were amazing due to this pump. This device saved me a lot of pain and I had no nausea. With the Marcaine pump the only medication I required for pain was Tylenol. My pain was only minimal. The pain pump kept my tissue numb, therefore I felt no surgical pain. The pain pump was removed after the third day postop and I continued to only feel tightness in my chest no pain. My pain pump experience was amazing and I recommend anyone having a breast augmentation to consider getting the pain pump postoperative . If I would have known that my recovery process would go so smoothly I would have considered having a breast augmentation much sooner.
I want to say thank you again to Dr. Max Gouverne for making my breast augmentation experience better than I could have imagined. Thank you to the staff in his office which made me feel very comfortable and explained all questions I had regarding my breast augmentation experience. I will definitely refer all my friends and family to Dr. Max Gouverne.


Please email our office or call (361) 993-2222 to schedule your consultation and we would be happy to help you with this most-important decision.

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