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Is Cosmetic Surgery In a Hospital Safer Than An Accredited Surgical Office Suite?


I have previously written a blog  on accredited office surgery and the advantages over hospital based surgery. In this follow up I’ll update you on the issue of safety. 

The public feels that hospital based surgery is preferred, but a new study of 129,007 aesthetic surgical procedures has answered this question. Respected plastic surgery researcher Dr. James Groting et al. compared Hospitals, Ambulatory Care Centers (ACC), and Office Based Surgical Suites (OBSS), like our AAAASF CERTIFIED office. After reviewing one of the largest databases and controlling for different types of surgeries they concluded that the office based centers offered a reasonable safe alternative to hospitals and ACSs.

Relative to major complications  a pleasant surprise was discovered. Lower complications were reported in the office based surgical facilities. In fact a patient is 1.5 times more likely to suffer a major complication in a hospital or ACS than in an officer based accredited surgical suite. The data supported the notion that “accredited office based surgery suites appear to be a safe environment in which board certified plastic surgeons perform procedures of all regions – body, breast and face”.

The study did not explain the why, but I suspect that the office based crews are better trained and much more familiar with the unique needs of a cosmetic patient than hospital crews. 

The takeaway: it seems that an accredited office surgical suite is the best place to have your cosmetic surgery by far and you are much less likely to suffer a major complication. Hospitals and ACC’s are safe alternatives but complication rates  are 1.5 times more common.

Sorry for the alphabet soup and jargon in this blog. Examples of Hospitals are Docters Regional and Spohn. Examples of ACC’s are Surgicare, Taylor Surgery Center, and South Texas Surgery Center. Our AAAASF certified operating room is an example of an office based surgical suites (OBSS)

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