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Dr. Gouverne’s Top Five© Reasons Why You May Develop a Capsular Contracture CC Around Your Breast Implant

One of the most common issues patients may deal with after a breast augmentation is a firmer than desired result. This is called Capsular Contracture (CC). The most up to date research tells that the reason this occurs relates to the development of a Biofilm on the device. Biofilm is a fatty-protein film mixed with microbial debris from a low grade colonization. The biofilm induces the fibroblasts in a thin collagen-layer surrounding your implant to become active and this results in a tightening of the scar layer around your implant. There are certain reasons that this can become noticeable.
Here are the top five reasons for a hardening implant:
Sharp Pain in Breast
1. Trauma 

If the augmented breast is traumatized the capsule can tear and bleed. The resultant blood collection can attract native breast bacteria and the resultant mixture of blood proteins with microbial debris can form a biofilm which then can trigger a CC.

2. Early massage

Previously surgeons recommended to vigorously push the implant around the fresh implant pocked very early in the recovery. We no longer suggest you do this as the vigorous pressure may push native bacteria into your implant pocket and start a biofilm which results in a CC

 3. Pregnancy and Breast feeding

This also makes your breast biologically very active and can result in high bacteria counts in your tissues. CC can follow repeated lactation.

 4. Old ruptured implants

The most common reason for severe CC are decades old ruptured implants. We sometimes see 30 year old implants that are no longer intact. The oily residue can also activate the fibroblasts responsible for CC

 5. Direct contact of breast tissue to the implant.

The more direct exposure the higher the rate of CC. Below the gland (Sub-Glandular) has the highest rate as 100% of the implant is in direct contact. Dual plane is a close second, yet Sub-muscular still has a 50% exposure rate but it has a reduced CC rate. Sub-facial with 100% coverage has no direct contact to the breast and has the lowest CC rate.

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