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Dr. Gouverne’s Top Five© Reasons Why Liposuction Is a Better Choice For Abdominal Rejuvenation


Many patients are considering excision surgeries such as abdominoplasty or body-lifts to shape the abdominal contour. Frequently liposuction is the better choice and skin-removing surgeries are not needed.

Dr. Gouverne’s Top Five© reasons why liposuction is a better choice for abdominal rejuvenation:

1) After a previous abdominoplasty. This is the most common reason for trunk and abdominal liposuction surgeries. Several areas are typical such as the area between the umbilicus and incision. Also the lateral flanks may need to be addressed at this point so it is more in harmony with the new anterior abdominal wall.

2) Waist contouring for straight shape. Many patients desire an hourglass shape, but they have no waist definition due to an excess of waist fat. Liposuction is an excellent tool in waist shaping.

3) Localized fat deposits in a person with excellent skin and great core shape. In this unusual clinical presentation the patient presents with local problems only. Liposuction would be a great option then.

4) In conjunction with buttocks augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift) Liposuction is the main tool to obtain graft-able fat for transfer to the buttocks. The waist is a great source to harvest from. Sometimes the abdomen and lateral thighs are used as well.

5) Hip-rolls are the only problem. In some patients and in many men the main issue is hip-roll fat (muffin-top). Liposuction is the main option for this.

Also check out the top five reasons why a tummy tuck is a better choice for abdominal contouring.

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