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Breast Surgery — Corrine's Story

I am a 25 five-year-old woman who had small breasts. I always wanted larger breasts, but really did not think the dream would come true. It wasn’t that I wasn’t happy with my body in general, but the older I became, the more physically immature I felt. In a discussion with my boyfriend, we discussed the possibility of breast augmentation and decided to look into the process.

My first move was to set up a consultation with ‘Dr. Gouverne to understand all that went into the process and if it was right for me. I was completely impressed during the consultation. Not only was the staff extremely friendly and helpful (not a common thing in health care), but the whole process was efficient and comprehensive. With in an hour and a half I understood the whole procedure and I had been fitted for an appropriate and desired size of implant. The consultation was conducted in such a way that I felt completely comfortable and was in no way embarrassed or made to feel less than a whole person. A female staff person accompanied the doctor any time a physical exam was preformed to assure comfort. I wanted to make a date for the surgery that day, the only reason for the delay was to discuss with my boyfriend first. Within a week I did make the surgery date and two weeks later I went in for the pre-op and the surgery. Dr. Gouverne went over the procedure again and answered any questions I had concerning what I wanted and what would be best.

When I went in for the actual surgery, everything went quickly and effortlessly. The whole time everyone assured and reassured to make me feel completely comfortable and confident in the surgery. I had been explained what to expect coming out of surgery as well as the week to come. When I came out of surgery, it was exactly as they had said. The staff again was so friendly and helpful; it made not feeling well not such a bad experience. They even went so far as to take me home when my friend was held up, and couldn’t make it on time. They definitely went out of their way and that made a large difference in what the experience could have been.

The recovery for me went very well. The only bad day was the first day. My body’s initial response to the surgery, beyond expected pain, was that a physical trauma had occurred. The pain medication took the miserable feeling away by the first night. By the second day I had dropped down to the lesser pain medication without a problem. I turned to arm stretches and cold packs to help the healing process. I also increased my protein and vitamin intake to give my body what it needed to heal. By the third day I was up and around on minimal pain medication, doing moderate to heavy housework, with no problem at all. On the forth day, I had no need for medication at all and was able to bicycle over to the office for a check up. By the fifth and sixth day, I was back to my normal routine as if nothing had happened. A week after surgery my life was back to normal and was rarely reminded of the procedure.

What the staff at Dr. Gouverne’s office does not know is how little support I had on my side. I was faced with having to rely mainly on my own strength and support, emotionally and physically, because of personal conflicts. It was a situation that I didn’t think I could handle on my own. If the staff had been any less friendly, caring or helpful, I probably would not have done the surgery. They, without effort and unknowingly, gave me the support I needed to make the procedure bearable and a very positive experience.

My whole experience of breast augmentation was positive. I immediately gained the confidence in feeling like a physically “mature” woman. I am completely happy with my improved breasts. Dr. Gouverne proved to be the experienced surgeon that his surgical studies and office demeanor claim him to be. His staff was outstanding, and I can honestly say, I can call them my friends. I would strongly encourage anyone needing or wanting plastic surgery to consider “Bring out your Best” and Dr. Gouverne for complete physical and emotional care.

Corrine 25yrs Corpus Christi, TX



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