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Breast rejuvenation part II

One of the more common reasons for premature breast aging and droopiness is excessive breast weight. The breast will rapidly loose its shape if the sheer size and heaviness put excessive strain on the skin and ligaments. Especially if the patient is of normal bodyweight a disharmony develops between the bra size and the rest of the body.

Often these girls become the target of ridicule and inappropriate stares during their teenage years. The large size hinders in sport activities, clothing choices, and emotional development in these young teens. Early in their twenties the weight will take its toll an breast aesthetics. Rapid development of droopiness and inferior displacement of the nipples becomes evident. In short hyper-aging develops in these young women. What was a large juvenile breast aged into a big mature droopy one.

“I am still a young woman but I was very unhappy about the way my chest looked,” says this young professional”, I was worried what my breast would look like after the surgery. I was worried that the scars would be ugly. First I talked to some of my friends and reluctantly I made an appointment with Dr Gouverne. There, I reviewed some pre and postop pictures and had a long talk with the doctor. When it was time for my surgery I was plenty nervous. My recovery was surprisingly rapid. And for the results—I couldn’t believe my eyes. My breasts are lifted, full and very sexy. My friends told me that it looked like I had an augmentation! I’m much smaller now but I look good”



This type of breast rejuvenation brings all the elements back in balance. The roundness of the breast is back; the nipple is in an appropriate position, and the volume is perfect. The surgery consists of various elements including volume reduction, reshaping and lift.

In part 3 we will talk about breast lift without a reduction in volume

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