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Décolletage, Cleavage, Implant Separation


Discussion of the expected cleavage is an important issue that is discussed during your consultation for breast augmentation. Making the wrong decision will adversely effect the aesthetic results of your breast augmentation.Below are four examples of poorly planned or poorly executed breast augmentation surgeries. In each case the décolletage issue was ignored and the results suffered.

Decobad 1




Each of the cases show a widely separated space that was made worse with the wrong technique-implant combination.

Decobad 2




These four cases were collected from a large plastic surgery website. Clueless operators ignored some of the key findings and made the separation worse with poor planning and execution of the surgery. Oddly enough the cases were posted online and represented as “good results”

The degree of décolletage is highly dependent on three factors.

A. Anatomical considerations: A breast augmentation patient may present with a pronounces separation where the left and right breast are naturally widely separated. Some have a chest wall (ribs and breastbone) that is sharply angled (chicken breast deformity ), others have a wide separation due to a caved in breast bone (Pectus Excavatum), and others yet may have a narrowed breast base (Constriction Syndrome) They all are sources for wide separation.

B. Implant size: The implant size desired has a significant influence on the degree of gap. Obviously the smaller size implant will have less effect than a larger one. Profile shape is also a factor (High vs. Low)

C. Technique of the surgery: Finally the specific surgical technique has probably the most effect on cleavage. Patients with wide separation and a larger implants should probably avoid sub muscular techniques. Patients with minimal gap, that want a smaller augmentations can probably get away with a sub-muscular placement.

The example below shows how the correct implant and surgical technique can result in a very elegant décolletage.

Decogood 1

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