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Dr. Gouverne’s Top Five© Reasons You Should Not Pick An Implant Size That Is Too Small For You


1. Base your choice on pictures from the internet. This not a good way to pick your implant size. you should base your choice on your specific body dimensions an internet picture almost never translates to you.
2. You are very tall and use the “usual or average” implant size. Tall people will need larger implants for the same “net effect” as an average sized patient. During your consultation the number may sound large to you (compared to your friends), but you need a larger implant to achieve a similar effect.
3. You were not blessed with any breast volume at all and the simulations look “huge” to you. This is the most common error in sizing. Since you are used to “minimal volume”, even a small augmentation “looks huge to your eyes”. Your judgement will push you to get undersized. You should consider the advise of your PS team who will guide you to what would be a “small, typical or a showy” size for your size. Try to rely on the experience of the team that has done hundreds of augmentations.
4. Make your decision based on another persons taste. This infrequently happens when you bring a parent to your sizing consultation. They do not know your desires and usually think that they already created a masterpiece. Your parent may feel that you’re messing with what they see as perfection and adding a fuller breast is messing with this. Your parents love you and were kind enough to come to your consultation but they are not experts. You should rely on your plastic surgeon’s judgements, because they are the experienced ones in the room.
5. You have a higher body weight and have disproportionally small breast. This subgroup needs the largest size of implants. If you pick a typical implant size for your height you’ll get undersized. Your plastic surgeon frequently needs to add more volume for the same net effect. Again, rely on the expert advise.

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