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Textured Breast Implants and Lymphoma of the Breast

I have previously reported on the relationship of ALCL  (Lymphoma of the breast) and textured breast implants. To Review:  350 cases have been now been identified in the entire world. Considering that about 10 million breast implants are used each year  for decades now. The rate of lymphoma related to implants is incredibly low New research and reports at various meetings are giving some more insight on this problem: It seems that  the Lymphoma occurs in textured Biocel implants particularly the ones from a single manufacturer. The implants made by the Inamed an Allergan company (Based in Ireland) are the … Continue reading  


Dr. Gouverne and staff are pleased to report an important landmark. Our practice last month received it’s 600th online review. The internet review company EMPATHIQ reported that our current review grade is the top rated Grade A. EMPATHIQ tracks reviews from a large variety of websites such as,, and Facebook. They report that this places us in the top 8th percentile of plastic surgery practices nationally! We do better than 91% of plastic surgery practices nation-wide.  Many thanks to the hundreds of patients who took the time to write these online reviews. You have been a delight to take care of … Continue reading  

Dr. Gouverne’s Top Five© Reasons Why You May Develop a Capsular Contracture CC Around Your Breast Implant

One of the most common issues patients may deal with after a breast augmentation is a firmer than desired result. This is called Capsular Contracture (CC). The most up to date research tells that the reason this occurs relates to the development of a Biofilm on the device. Biofilm is a fatty-protein film mixed with microbial debris from a low grade colonization. The biofilm induces the fibroblasts in a thin collagen-layer surrounding your implant to become active and this results in a tightening of the scar layer around your implant. There are certain reasons that this can become noticeable.   … Continue reading  

Is The Brazilian Butt Lift a Safe Operation?

One of the most popular new surgeries is the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). In this operation fat is harvested from the waist and abdomen, purified, and re-injected into the buttocks. (If you want to see what that looks like click here) Most patients assume that this is a very safe operation, but  the operation has a serious possibly fatal complication. The reinjected fat can be injected directly into a vein, and this fat can then travel with the blood flow to the lungs where it can foul the entire circulation. This is called a fat embolus and this can prove … Continue reading  

No Drain Tummy Tuck

By far the most annoying aspect of a tummy tuck is the use of drains. Drains are long tubes inserted under the skin to suction excess serous fluid and allowing the skin to reattach to the muscle layer. Drains are painful where they exit the skin and usually remain in place for 7-10 days and occasionally for several weeks. In spite of having these drains a significant number of patients still developed pesky fluid accumulations requiring repeated needle aspirations (15-52%). Surgeons have used quilting sutures to decrease the use of drains and a few have been able to eliminate drains … Continue reading  

Product Of The Month: Neocutis Micro Day

  Just in time for Labor Day our MICRO∙DAY is a multi-functional cream that helps restore moisture and provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 sun protection. This complete daily anti-aging formula helps revitalize and protect skin from environmental stress.   Daily use of MICRO∙DAY provides the following benefits: Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Enhances suppleness and elasticity. Helps to improve the overall feel of skin firmness. Hyaluronic Acid helps provide skin hydration. The intensive anti-oxidant blend of green tea extract, forms of Vitamins C and E, plus melanin, help to defend against free-radical damage. For more information on … Continue reading  

Product Of The Month: Micro Firm Neck & Décolleté Rejuvenating Complex

A targeted cream containing a concentrated blend of ingredients precisely formulated to combat visible signs of aging on the delicate skin of the neck & décolleté. This intensive complex is supercharged with MPC™ and packed with antioxidants and moisturizers as well as exfoliating properties to encourage cell turnover for a softer and more luminous appearance. Twice daily use of MICRO·FIRM Neck & Décolleté Rejuvenating Complex provides the following benefits: MPCTM, an elegant blend of lab crafted peptides helps to: Enhance elasticity through promotion of elastin formation creating a more youthful, sculpted profile. Boost Collagens III & VII leading to the … Continue reading  

Dr. Gouverne’s Top Five© Why You May Get Stretch Marks After a Breast Augmentation

Development of stria (stretch marks) after breast augmentation (B.A.) is very rare. Stria are cracks in the dermis of the skin with epidermal preservation. Stria are common during pregnancy, rapid growth, and some medications. Effective treatment of stria is limited to excision (e.g. a tummy tuck). Treatments with topicals and lasers are not very effective.  The most common reason a patient may develop stria after BA is age. Younger patients are particularly prone to this complication. B.A. before age 20 has the highest rate of stria development. While still uncommon it may be a good idea to postpone the surgery … Continue reading  

Dr. Gouverne’s Top Five© Disadvantages Of Under The Muscle Breast Augmentation

I have written several blogs on this issue, and the topic deserves to be explained even more. While sub-muscular (SM) placement remains popular in the US, South-American and European Plastic surgeons are now rarely using this method. The reason is that there are several problems that SM placement cal lead to. Below are my top five deformities that result from SM placement. 1. Animation deformity: SM placement results in an unnatural position of the breast mount and with pectoralis muscle contraction, significant deformity results.  This patient has her muscles relaxed on the left and on the right the deformity becomes … Continue reading  

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